Dr. Ingrid Schossmann

Dear Patients!

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. As of Monday 12.10.2020, there will be a temporary admission stop for new patients. Unfortunately, we are forced to do so due to the greatly increased volume in order to maintain the quality of care for our existing patients. We ask for your understanding and continue to observe the development closely! The practice may only be entered by appointment and while wearing a mask (mouth and nose protection, visors do not provide sufficient protection). This also applies to requests for prescriptions or referrals. We are aware that it sometimes takes patience to reach us by phone so please use the opportunity to contact us by email at team@dr-schossmann.at please leave us a current phone number for a call back!

If you suffer from fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath or diarrhoea, please DO NOT enter the premises. Contact us by phone, we will plan the next steps. If a consultation is necessary you will get an appointment apart from other patients. This is for the protection of us all!

A telemedical notification of illness may only be made if COVID is suspected, a test over 1450 must be requested and the notification of illness expires after 5 days (but can be extended if the result is not available by then). In all other cases the sick note must be - in accordance with the requirements of the Gesundheitskasse - made personally via appointment.

We are pleased to offer you the free flu vaccination. The first 100 influenza vaccines have finally arrived. If you have already registered in summer, please make an appointment. Unfortunately we cannot order enough vaccine from the city government. Since we currently have over 300 pre-registrations, we still CANNOT guarantee to get enough vaccine. We will do our best and keep you informed. We can only offer this vaccination to our own patients. Also, you have to be a resident of Vienna. For our patients from Lower Austria the vaccine will be available, this year the vaccination including vaccine costs 35€.

The electronic prescription still exists. We ask for your understanding that ELGA registered patients must collect the prescriptions personally at the practice.

Many thanks for your cooperation!

Vacations 2020: 27.10.-2.11., 7.12., 21.-23.12.

Registrations for blood test on Monday please until Friday 12:00 via team@dr-schossmann.at!

Participation in the free children's vaccination programme according to the national vaccination concept!

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Einwanggasse 27

1140 Vienna

T +43 (01) 894 61 57

F +43 (01) 894 61 57 99


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Office Hours

  • Monday 7:00-12:00
  • Tuesday 15:00-19:00
  • Wednesday 8:00-12:00
  • Thursday 10:00-14:00
  • Friday 13:00-16:00

We ask for your understanding that the last patient will be acceptance 20 minutes before the end of our office hours (Emergencies will be accepted at any time during our office hours!)

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  • Dr. Ingrid Schoßmann
  • Dr. Claude Frühwald (visiting)
  • Barbara Junkert
  • Yvonne Pohanka
  • Judit Förster

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Personal Information

My love for general medicine awakened early in my education. I gained experience in the emergency department at KH Hietzing. In the teaching practice following my internship my affection for the wide range of general medicine and the dream of my own practice became stronger. From 2011 to 2019 I dedicated myself as a school doctor to preventive medicine in the community of Vienna and above all to vaccination according to the Viennese vaccination concept. Working with children has always been a great pleasure for me and I hope to be able to welcome many little patients in my family practice as well! Since 2013 I have also been leading the voluntary breastfeeding group of the La Leche Liga in 1130 Vienna.

Education and training

Medical studies at the University of Vienna 1993-1999

Training as general practitioner 2002-2005 (Otto Wagner Spital, KH Hietzing and Preyer’sches Kinderspital)

USMLE (US Medical Licensing Exam) step I/II 2001 California, USA

Teaching practice for general medicine 2005 in 1190 Vienna


Night shift at the emergency ambulance KH Hietzing

Visiting physician 2005-2012

Activity as a school doctor of the municipality of Vienna 2011-2019


Emergency Physician

DFP Diploma

School Doctor

ÖÄK Certificate Angiological Basic Diagnostics


married, 3 kids

Voluntary work at La Leche Liga, head of the breastfeeding group LLL 1130 Wien

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Out-of-pocket Services

Please note that the statutory health insurances do not cover all services and that you have to pay for these additional services out of pocket.

Examples of services that are not covered by the health insurance:

Medical confirmations, certificates, school confirmations

care waivers

diagnostic reports

sports fitness tests

Certificates for insurance companies

Vaccinations and vaccination counselling (vaccination counselling free of charge if the vaccinations are carried out in our practice)

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Latest News

Dear Patients,

Please note the organisational changes mentioned at the beginning of this page. Many thanks for your cooperation!

Vacations 2020: 27.10.-2.11., 7.12., 21.-23.12. Registrations for blood test on Monday please until Friday 12:00 via team@dr-schossmann.at! Currently flu-vaccinations and participation in the free children's vaccination programme according to the national vaccination concept!

Estimated wait time in minutes

Wait-times for a consultation vary a lot, here are our best estimates from historical data (no guarantee, periodical updates).

Time from Mo Tu We Th Fr
7:00 8
8:00 13 12
9:00 14 10
10:00 14 19 13
11:00 16 12 14
12:00 11
13:00 13 14
14:00 20
15:00 25 16
16:00 20
17:00 9
18:00 6